Thursday, February 27, 2014

Join the fight

I asked the authors whose stories and poems will be in the book we are about to publish, to help animal shelters, (you can find the author pages on the right side bar) to write a few words about what it means to them to participate in my "Read for Animals project.
Cindy J. Smith was the first to reply, but before I add her reply, let me tell you a little story about her. She sent me her two books filled with her amazing poems. As soon as I opened the first book and read one poem to my hubby, he snatched the book from my hand and started reading it.
Since then - it happened about 3 months ago - Cindy's books earned a permanent place on my hubby's side of the kitchen table. He reads a poem with morning coffee and sometimes he reads them out loud.

A few minutes ago Cindy responded to my post and 4 minutes (I'm not kidding four minutes) later she posted this poem.

A few of us artists
Have joined the fight
To save furry friends
From a terrible plight

Pictures, stories and poems
Share with you their love
Show we are grateful
For these gifts from above

Come on over and see
Our pet family
To shelters that aide them
We give the royalty

The poems are just pouring out of this woman, I would love to borrow her muse sometimes.


  1. You are so sweet Erika, I am crying now! Thanks for doing this for the animals, every little bit helps!

    1. Tears of joy is okay, and you deserve all the praise and recognition for the wonderful poems you write Cindy. And yes, every little bit helps to provide animals in shelters who cannot be adopted, with food, a warm bed, a place to run and toys to play with.