Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Help animals

I never expected that my idea of helping animals in shelters would grow so big and so fast.

I was browsing animal shelter sites and some of the conditions the dedicated workers have to deal with and able to provide only the bare minimum for the animals, greatly saddened me.

Animals that are lucky enough to have good homes are showered with love and pampered. Unfortunately others are not so lucky. They end up with humans who abuse, neglect or starve them. But luckily, people report animal abusers and the neglected or abused pets go to animal shelters.

Shelters can't replace a loving home, but they provide the basic necessities for the animals thanks to donations and the dedicated workers.

Animal hospices that care for old and sick animals also depend on donations to provide medical care, food, comfortable environment and a safe place to live.

I kept thinking what I can do to help, but I knew that the little money I could donate will not be too much help. Then I thought, I'm a writer, I can write to help struggling shelters by writing a book and donate the money from the sales.

I asked a few author friends if they would be interested in participating and I got a lot of positive responses. It started out as a small project, but now we have amazing stories to publish.

The anthology is nearly complete and next week I will get it ready for publishing, ( if I could just concentrate on putting the book together and format it into a book. I keep getting stuck reading the stories and poems, laughing, crying and saying a lot of awwws in the process.)

I've been getting messages from authors and animal lovers that they'd like to participate in this project, therefore I decided to start accepting short stories and poems - shortly after the first book is published, hopefully within two weeks - about animals for the next book.

The stories and poems in the book are amazing! Some of them are humorous, others are tear-jerkers or heartwarming, true stories and fantasy stories.

Coming soon in ebook and print

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