Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pets at the Read for Animals event

I invited pets with their animal parents to our book release event

and look how many beautiful cats and dogs showed up!

Five most liked pictures will receive the first book of my Guarded Secrets series

Pamela Scott
"Mischievous Scott she is 13 yrs old in human years and she has been my sunshine ever since. Even with her morning kisses"

Sharon Obelenus Holland
"This is my Chief. Hes a New Years Baby! His momma is pure Husky, and well daddy might be German Shepard or Blue Tick hound. He is funny, when you yell at him he yells back!"

Sharon Obelenus Holland
"And this is my Jasper. He ran away once to our house and liked it so much he kept doing it. Finally we moved into his owners extra trailer and he came to live with us!"

Sarah Delgado Lieurance
"This is Mac. Our happy go lucky Siberian Husky."

Sarah Delgado Lieurance
"Ginger our wonderful little girl who can't seem to ever eat enough."

Deborah Davidson
"This is my Yuba. He makes me laugh every day even on the days where the darkness find me. The days where fighting this cancer is all too much. On those days he will not leave my side."

Monica Mathis Reents
"This is Bentley. He is the kindest, most sensitive dog I have ever known. I was diagnosed with syringomyelia in July 2011...4 surgeries later and no longer able to work, I needed him. We went to the ks humane society and I fell in love with him! He is by my side all day, everyday. He comforts me when the pain is more than I can handle, he knows how to ease the pain with a gentle nudge, snuggling. He smells my eyes several times a day, like a he is checking my emotions...truly, my best friend."

Marsha Thalleen
"This is Punkin. He is 15 and a cat, what's not to love?"

Karey Smith
"This is my baby sassy and she is my rock lol she loves me unconditionally"

Shirley Denton
"Diamond is our puppy name she was a surprise gift for my granddaughter"

Portia Dewey
"Meet Cinca.... we adopted her from the shelter in So Cal when living there.. probably about 7 years ago... she is estimated at 9 years old... Her name was given to her from her previous owner. I do not know what it means... She is a odd duck!.. when ever someone comes over if she likes them she brings them gifts.. they can consist of Towels, shoes, socks and if you leave them on the floor , she will greet your company with a pair of dirty panties... She loves to sing.. if you sing, she sings louder ... chimes right in.. She hates running water, but bring her to the river she will run and run and run through the water... When it snows here, she will leap through the snow, no matter how deep.. 1 inch and she jumps like its up to her waist, pretty funny to watch... She loves loves loves puppies... she just cannot get enough of them...(can anyone take a guess at her breed?.. the shelter said she is 100% Rottweiler, honestly, I do not think she has a drop of Rott in her. Have always been curious of her breed)"

Anna Click
"My Kaydee - Was a free pet on craigslist - can only imagine what would have been her fate if we hadn't gotten her."

Terri Hubbard Carle
"This is Heidi. She is our baby"

Marsha Thalleen
"And this is Oreo. She looks sweet here, but inside lies a demon.."

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