Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Shannon's babies

This is Conner and Zoe, they joined our family as puppies in November 2012. We lost our Sadie (black lab) the previous summer and their was an emptiness in the family. My boys saw these babies and fell in love. Once my son got used to what 'puppy' means - small, not house trained, etc. He grew to love them dearly. They provide hours of entertainment with their antics and have grown to be big lap dogs. They are brother and sister and never far from each other, always protecting each other. They think they are brave guard dogs when there is a window or fence separating them from the world - but truly our scared babies once anything new enters their space (they get scared when we wear new shoes - truly). They have added great joy and love to our family and we are very thankful they are now part of our lives and truly our babies!
Thank you for the adorable picture and their story!

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