Saturday, May 17, 2014

Heroic cat

People rescuing animals, animals saving people or other animals. Their act of kindness usually go unnoticed, but they deserve the recognition. If you have a story, send it to my Facebook page and I will post it on this blog.
I will start this blog post series by telling you my heroine cat, Spotty's story.

The Brave Protector
Our cat Spotty stayed indoors most of the time. She felt safe in the backyard only when we were outside with her. My hubby and I were relaxing, enjoying our afternoon coffee on the patio one day and watching the hummingbirds drinking nectar from the flowers on the windowsill. Spotty took a catnap beside my feet. Our shepherd Lucky was snapping at the pesky flies in the shade.
Our peaceful time was interrupted when my hubby’s friend pulled into the backyard. He got out of the car, quickly opened the backdoor and let out his Rottweiler, who ran over to the azalea bushes.
“I’ll put the leash on him in a minute. He just had to go bad - it was a long ride,” he said. With leash in hand, he started walking after his dog.
Worried, I stood up, but my hubby was already standing by our dog ready to protect her. Past experiences taught us to be cautious when Crow was around. He had attacked our dog before when he wasn’t securely tied up on the leash.
I was watching hubby’s friend approaching his dog, but before he could get close, the dog bolted and ran toward us. My hubby yelled as his friend tried to catch Crow. I watched in horror, but I was afraid to move. Our dog cowered behind my hubby.
Suddenly I heard a loud cry. I saw Spotty darting, charging like a bullet toward the approaching Rottweiler. She pounced, let out a furious growl and sank her needle sharp claws in the dog’s face. Crow yelped as he tried to shake the cat off his face. Spotty wouldn’t let go and kept growling.
Hubby’s friend finally caught up with the Rottweiler and clipped the leash on the dog’s collar. My hubby tried to peel Spotty off the Rottweiler’s face.

After a brief struggle, she let go. Hubby put her down. The cat puffed her hair, indignantly hissed a few times, and then walked to our shaking dog. She licked Lucky’s face as if she was saying, “Don’t worry, buddy, I will always protect you.”

I added her story to the book we published to help animals, Read for Animals. You can find links on the sidebar, when you purchase the book in any format, you are helping animal shelters. The royalty paid from the sales is donated to shelters.

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