Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Book 2 is coming

Happy to announce that the second book of the
Read for Animals anthology series is going to be published next week.
Check back for the link,
Every purchase of the book helps animals in shelters

We help animals by donating the royalty from the sales to shelters, sanctuaries and hospices. Some stories will make you laugh out loud; others will warm your heart and make you cry. Some stories are true and the fantasy stories will make you think… what if? Each author and poet brings a unique writing style.
Enjoy the stories and donated pictures with “What could they be thinking” captions, and thank you for helping our furry, scaly and feathered friends in need by purchasing this book.
The authors and poets:
Erika M Szabo, Evelyn Steward, Jennifer Priester, Lorinda J. Taylor, Olyn Warfield, Paula Shene, Jeanne E. Rogers, Aya Walksfar, Pamela Griffiths, Linda Whitehead Humbert, Alice Marks, John A. Miller, Brian T Shirley, Tracey Dixon, Sandra Novelly, Susan M Plake, Barbara Corry, Michael Spisak, Susan Austin.

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