Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Raise a Paw

We have raised some paws

Since our last donation we didn't raise a paw, only 3 eBook copies were sold when the books were on 99 cents promotional sale in September, 2014. The 3 sales amount to about 99 cents, which is not enough to raise a $10 paw.

The lack of sales probably due to lack of advertisement, but because the goal is to donate the money, we're not spending money on promoting the books.

Therefore, the books are sold only when interested readers stumble upon it on selling sites, and when animal lovers share our posts.

Please share this blog, let your animal lover friends know about the Read for Animals project.

We will post the next update when we raise another paw.

I May 2015, we have raised 32 paws from the royalties paid from the sales of the anthologies! Thank you animal lovers for sharing posts and purchasing the books!

So far we have raised 32 paws (each paw means $1) toward our next $100 donation

This free blog has limited with gadgets and options, visit my WEBSITE page to nominate shelters and sanctuaries for the next donation, and keep up with updates.

Thank you for your support!
Erika M Szabo


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