I created my “Read for Animals” project in March after thinking about how to help animal shelters and hospices other than donating money I could afford. What can I do as a writer to help animals in need? I had an idea, I’m a writer, I can write and sell the book and donate the money - after publishing fees. I started putting together a book of short stories that I have written the past few years and asked my animal lover author and poet friends if they'd like to participate. The response was overwhelming, the stories and poems started flooding in. Each author and poet brings their unique writing style to this anthology for a good cause.

DONATIONS from the sales of this book is donated every time a $100 royalty is paid from the sale of this book to different animal shelters, hospices, sanctuaries and people who truly care for animals and feed strays by spending their own money.

The first $100 donation was sent to an SPCA by blog visitor's votes, however, after discussing it with my friends and animal lovers, we concluded that:
Big organizations usually receive much more donations than non-profit small sanctuaries, private shelters, animal hospices, and there are a lot of good people out there who take care of and feed strays by spending their own money.
They would value and put the donation from the Read for Animals project to a good use, therefore, I need your help to find the amazing people in your area who are helping animals out of the goodness of their heart.
You can nominate:
Non-profit, small shelters
Animal hospices,
Animal sanctuaries,
People who help animals by spending their own money.
Please do not nominate big shelters and SPCAs.

We need their stories, with a few pictures
The stories will be added to this page and when the next $100 donation is ready, a voting poll will be set up on the blog's sidebar.
Send the information, story and pictures to the project's Facebook page:
If you're not on Facebook, send it to 

Help animals by purchasing the anthology, you can find the links on the right sidebar by clicking on the book pictures.Thank you for your help

This animal hospice is close to my heart, because it is run by a dedicated man who provides love and care for abandoned, old and sick animals
This was one of his dog;s, Peanut.......RIP
I knew Peanut, but because he was so dedicated to his rescuer, he never became my friend. He let me pet him a little, but he let me know with a warning growl when he had enough affection from me. 


He wrote on his Facbook page:
"Just a few words to tell you a little about myself:
In the early 80s I was approached by a friend to help a elderly lady.
I drove to get her cat food for donations and to the area where she fed feral cats. She also rescued dogs.
One day she had me drive her to a small home with a vicious dog. There was a cute little shihtzu with the attitude of a junk yard pit bull. It was to be euthanized that afternoon. After being bit I managed to leash it and bring it home, saving its life. Later I discovered that we shared same birth date! From day one he slept on the bed and never bit me again, but he never trusted any other human.
I lost him 30 days before his 20th birthday.
He was the catalyst to my introduction to rescue. I started as not for profit doing spays and neuters. But I soon realized the need for long term care. So for 35 years I have offered my home as a sanctuary for those deemed unwanted and uncontrollable.
Using my own savings I purchased a house and have maintained it by myself. I do not collect a salary or any compensation I have been depending on my SS.
So all donations received go to the direct care of the animals."
A few pictures of his animals:


  1. Tennessee Death Row Dogs Blount County Animal Shelter Maryville, Tennessee

  2. This is the shelter in my serves four counties.

  3. Laura's Hope Rescue, Kingsley Pa,

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  5. Island Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary 3620 E. State St Port Clinton, Ohio 43452

  6. I need a short introduction and pictures with the nominations