Make a difference

Are you helping animals your own way?
Are you an author and donate the royalty of your book?
Are you a foster parent for animals?
Making and selling jewelry or other items and donate the profit?
Doing fundraisers to help animals?
Tell us your story
Send it to the Read for Animals Facebook page and your story will be added to this page 

Let me tell you my story:
I'm Erika, creator of Read for Animals project.
I was thinking about how to help animals in shelters and in animal hospices other than donating money I could afford. What can I do as a writer to help animals in need? I had an idea. I'm a writer; I can write, sell the book and donate the money - after publishing fees - to animal shelters.

 You can read many of my animal stories in the book, including the story of these adorable orphaned foxes growing up in our backyard with a little help.

The book is available in




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