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Animal photos sent by visitors, enjoy

Connie's sleepy head Snickers. She loves attention, and will lick anyone to death. She likes to be the center of attention-always.

This is a picture of a juvenile Golden Mantle Tree Kangaroo and was was sent by an author friend, J.E. Rogers
Connie's cat Zoom says his prayers every night! "I just tell him, "time to say our prayers" and he does."
Mary's dog Manny has a pretty comfy looking bed
My cat Spotty, you can read her "The Brave Protector" story in the Read for Animals book
A rosette of puppies, sent by Elisha
Mom with her adopted puppies, teaching them about snow. The picture was sent by Elisha
Orphaned fox pups growing up in our backyard, you can read their story "The Magnificent Seven" in the book, "Read for Animals"
This is the picture of them when they were teenagers

Just too cute
 They don't belong behind bars, their abusers do
What are they doing in there?

 Scruffy, Linda's baby
 O, you are going to pay for this, just watch me!

Handsome bird!
 What is this dog thinking? Most likely, would you be my human?

Can you not smile and feel happy when you look into this little guy's face?
Carnivores want more meat in their diet  

 Sloppy kiss
 Yoga pose?
Mandy is getting comfy on the new bed

 Lucky's story "The Thief" is in the book
And so is "Rosso the Orange Tabby"

Mom with his adopted son


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